Trenchtown Sports: Best Battle in the Trenches This Weekend

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

You rarely hear about Offensive lineman in the news and on highlight tapes. Going to help you out by telling you about the best in the game on the offensive side of the line. Quentin Nelson, Colts Guard, has been in the league for 3 years and he’s been an All-Pro 3 times. On the other side of the ball is a man that needs no introduction, Aaron Donald, a 4 time Defensive Player of the Year. Will Nelson be able to handle Donald without help? Usually Aaron Donald requires 2-3 lineman to contain him and even that is challenging. Will HC Frank Reich let Nelson operate on an island against Donald? No other team in the league would think of that move, but they don’t have Quenton Nelson.

Quenton Nelson has been a monster for the Indianapolis Colts since entering the league. The Colts drafted him 6th overall from Notre Dame in the 2018 NFL Draft. His rookie year, Andrew Luck and the Colts gave up the least amount of sacks in the league. The past 3 seasons the Colts have ranked near the top in QB protection.

Aaron Donald on the other hand will most likely command a double team. Unless Head Coach Frank Reich thinks his All-Pro can hold it down solo and by constantly running to the opposite side of Donald. It’s much easier said than done in terms of containing the physical specimen that eats double teams for lunch. Donald has the ability to single-handedly ruin an opposing coach’s game-plan by clogging up running lanes and every QB in the league has eyes on Donald prior to each play. All eyes will be on Quenton Nelson this weekend.

The Colts/Rams game will feature the best offensive lineman against the best defensive lineman in the league. A matchup we rarely get to see as fans. This is my Trenchtown Battle of the Week and my money is on the 4 time DPOY, Donald.