Trenchtown Sports: The ‘Big Dog’ needs to eat for the Suns to make it back to the finals

(Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

One of the biggest mismatches in this series is Deandre Ayton against the Dallas’s bigs. After posting 25 points in the series opener Ayton had 9 points and then a 16 point 8 rebound game. Ayton is built for more and he’d be the first one to say it. When Chris Paul and Booker get Ayton early touches it usually results in a big game for the big man. Ayton can feast on the Mavericks on both ends of the court. The link between Luka and Deandre will forever be there. The Suns had a decision to make on draft day and they made the right one and he’s only getting better. .

This series is an even bigger story for fans in the Valley of the Sun. The city was divided between taking Luka Doncic No. 1 over Deandre Ayton. If we don’t pick up Deandre Ayton we never get Chris Paul and who knows what happens. Ayton was the perfect pick for the Suns and he will get rewarded after this season with a long-term deal. It would be a huge mistake to not re-sign him. That draft was instrumental in the short turnaround from a 60 loss team 3 years ago. We then traded the 76ers for Mikal Bridges after Bridges was taken by Philly at No. 10.

Only certain types of players can play with CP3. Matt Barnes and J.J. Reddick spoke on Reddick’s podcast about playing with Chris Paul and Barnes described it as an ‘acquired’ taste, meaning, if you aren’t ready to bring it every day, it’s probably the wrong team for you. To give you an idea of what I mean. Chris Paul has led 4 different franchises to their winningest seasons. Does everyone remember what happened the day after CP3 was traded to Phoenix? He and Book were video’d in the gym putting in work.

Paul and Book are a match made in heaven. Devin Booker is a different breed and Paul was the perfect player for Booker and getting him to the next level. Deandre Ayton’s growth and basketball IQ has improved greatly since Paul arrived in Phoenix. His improved work ethic has translated nicely and Ayton is a huge reason the Suns made the run that they did last season.