Trenchtown Sports: Blueprint for Suns to take down Mavs, let Luka get his

(Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)

Let Luka have his stats doesn’t sound like a good gameplan on paper. However, if you’ve been watching this series that is exactly the recipe to beat them. We’ll break down the numbers here to back this up. These are Luka’s point totals in each game in the order they happened. 45, 35, 26, 26, and 28. He’s averaged 36 points in the 3 losses and he’s averaged 26 points in the wins. His highest assist totals in the series came in Dallas, he had 9 and followed it with 11 assists.

Everybody on the Suns sells out on the defensive end, meaning they never take plays off on defense like some do. Did Irving or Durant play any defense when they got swept by Boston? Nah. The Suns are anchored by the Defensive Player of the Year runner-up, Bridges and lets not forget, Chris Paul is top 5 ALL-TIME in steals. Now. let’s watch Devin Booker lock up Doncic 1 on 1 right here and check the stare down. Defense is about toughness and Game 6 will be the toughest game of the year. I remember when people thought Booker played no defense. That narrative has drastically changed. He’s a complete two-way player now and let’s not forget he put up 70 points in the Boston garden when he was 20. A true road dog that lives for those big road games.

Now, let’s get to the role players for Dallas and why the key needs to be to stop these guys. In games 3 and 4, Dorian Finney-Smith hit 12 threes. The Suns can’t let players like Finney-Smith have career nights like that in the playoffs. Reggie Bullock hit 6 threes in those two Dallas wins. Davis Bertans went 4 from 6 from 3 point range, and he hit those 4 in about 60 seconds of game time. Then there is Jalen Brunson, who is about to get paid this offseason. He went off for 28 points and 18 points. Suns stop Luka’s backup dancers and the Suns are wrapping this up in Mark Cuban’s house.

Game 5 was a must-win for the Suns. 82% of the teams to win game 5 have gone on to win the series. Suns fans like those numbers. Now, they head to Dallas for a chance to end Luka’s season. A quick note, the Suns had the best road record in the league. In fact, their road record was better than any teams home record? So Dallas can’t feel too good about it!

(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)